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Nomads Here & Afar

July 24, 2010

Today is one of those days that I woke up thinking maybe working in construction or a grocery store would be a better option, 20 years of task oriented work and then retirement…

Wondering whether or not any of the photos or stories I have even make a difference, I have been mopey because because I have not had to hassle with customs, airlines and 3rd world inconveniences (joys) in a while and I crave an adventure.

A lot of you know that I really would like to tell the complete story of the Circuit Riders through photos & words, from the back of a bike myself. But the logistics of mounting a story about nomads in the USA is posing too be far far more difficult than doing the same 12,000 miles away in the middle of nowhere, in countries where I do not fluently speak the language!

Then this morning I notice a copy of Free Tibet Magazine in the mail pile and opened it up to see one of my photos as the main story, I feel a little better, a little.
Here is their Site and a link to a gallery of mine on their site.

— the shot was taken at a Tibetan school near Zeku Tibet


Saying Goodbye

May 27, 2008


32 minutes of my world

May 24, 2008

I am asked 2 questions in emails over and over again;
1. What music do I listen to, during my photo editing?
I find this question a little odd sometimes, but then I had never given it much thought until lately. Then I began to ponder what music did Ansel Adams or Robert Capa listen to in their darkrooms while working alone? If you are one of the people that keep proposing that I listen to Angelic Choral, Classical or New Age type music… You may be disappointed to read the below playlist or to hear that I will still take the Clash or AC/DC over 90% of the worlds known music.

2. What is my work-flow and how do I go about my editing or my “Photo-shopping” rather.
Here I will show you and I recently spent 8 hours working on a joint project with a friend and she equated watching me do 8 hours of Photoshop to watching a cat a mouse, here is 32 minutes of my world.

And for all of you that are curious about the sound track of my darkroom, while I left the sound on for you, enjoy.

Zeku Video

May 23, 2008

This couple was standing outside of the market place in Zeku Tibet, in front of what you could call Zeku Video? The street merchant did have a movie poster on the wall that was from a 2003 movie and he was seated below the sign with a blanket and about 50 pirated DVDs, so Zeku Video. Note that she has money in hand, a purchase of something took place. I photographed this couple 6 times, each time the guy wanted to see my LCD display after I took each photo. Then he would proceed primp his hair and fix her presentation, this photo is truly the final and the one that he was most satisfied with. I would love to hire this guy as my photo assistant next, if only he spoke some English…


May 19, 2008

Zeku Tibet

Sunday Afternoon — Zeku Tibet

March 30, 2008


Tibet School II

March 27, 2008

These photos are from the same Tibetan / Orphan school I wrote about once before here. Only about 1/2 of these kids actually get to use desks during school the rest sit on floors or stand. My friend found a Chinese carpenter who will sell a desk & chair set for a good price. The goal is to get all the kids sitting at a desk and chair. Christi and I help them out the other day. If anyone out there wants to help these kids, shoot me an email and I will point you in the right direction to help.

Christi’s Dojo

January 25, 2008

Christi teaching Karate to the Dutch @ 13,000 feet in Zeku Tibet.

The Horse Guide

January 17, 2008

Tibetan Plateau — September 2007

Darkrooms, Music & Coffee

January 8, 2008


The other day I read a story about the evolution of the darkroom, where the author claimed going from a “wet” process to “digital” has caused many a photographer to miss out on the joys of music and creation?
What was this guy talking about? Decades ago I had a job as a process cameraman. Way before Macs took over the printing world, copy and art had to be photographed onto Line Film via a “Process Camera” which is essentially equated to me showing up to work at 7 am and standing inside a darkroom until 6 pm everyday, imagine that the camera back was inside the darkroom so that made me the camera’s auto-winder.

I would…
1. Load the copy outside on the copy board.
2. Expose the 24 x 36 inch piece of Kodak or Fuji Line Film.
3. Develop each sheet manually in trays, Fix and then line dry.
4. Repeat this drill about 100 times a day.
I had a radio yes, but I had to play it very low and headphones were not an option because it seemed like every 2 minutes somebody had a another rush job for me to photograph so I needed to be able to hear them as they pounded on the darkroom door over the noise of my quite radio and the vacuum back of the camera which held the film in place very loudly. 2 years ago I took a 35 mm Black & White film course at OCC OK so now 2 decades later the iPod has been invented so I can play music as loud as I want, no one had a rush job for me, I could be as creative with my exposures, development and printing as I wanted to be.
But you know what I found out?
It still sucked, it was still boring, my fingers still smelled like chemicals, the process still takes to long, could not be paused and still will never be precisely measured…
My darkroom now, I can drink coffee without it tasting like developer or fix, I can plug into the entire world of music, my beautiful wife can walk right into my darkroom without exposing any film, I can pause the entire process at anytime – case in point: I walked Christi to her car, said goodbye. Shaved, showered and got dressed, took a phone call from a client then responded to to an email, started to shut down the computer and then remembered I was doing this…
Had this been a “wet” traditional darkroom? Right now I would have had a very black piece of film or print paper and would have to start all over again.
I will take a digital darkroom over a “wet” darkroom any day.