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Josh & Katie

September 6, 2010

Today I get the privilege of photographing Josh Neilsen & Katie Foor’s wedding. The Foor’s have been a second family to Christi and I for a very long time and today Katie gets married!
These are a few shots from the rehearsal on Saturday.


Lauglin 2010 Edits

May 2, 2010

The Laughlin River Run 2010 edits with the Circuit Riders are up HERE

Laughlin River Run 2010

April 29, 2010

Christi and I spent a few days out in Laughlin Nevada & Bullhead City AZ visiting with our friends while continuing to document the stories of the Circuit Riders through photography. I will upload the bulk of the images up in a day or two.

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2008


Christi and I will be on the road during the holidays, so lots of new photos are on the way.
The last few weeks have been much more about post processing and busy activities than actually taking photos and still I still have one more shoot from Laguna Beach Police Department that I still need to do the post processing so that I can wrap up the left over shoots, images for you to see soon…


November 26, 2008

For a photography course that I am attending the class needed to shoot a “dream sequence”, and since my dreams are seldom remembered I elected to script and shoot a daydream sequence instead, so last Sunday I borrowed the Foor children.
This slide presentation shows the final images selected that will printed and turned in for the assignment.

THANK YOU Noah & Haley!

Back to Normal & Snow

November 18, 2008

Life in Yorba Linda is now back to somewhat normal, all of the evacuations in our neighborhood have been called off. Although it is still surreal in our area, 113 homes destroyed and 50 more damaged just in Yorba Linda alone. The fires that burned Northward towards Diamond Bar & Chino Hill still have hot spots and the total fire area has yet to be contained. Christi and I still have not unpacked our luggage it is waiting in the living room and I am not quite ready to plug my image drives back in yet…

Christi and I did make it up to my mothers house in Big Bear last weekend, at around 3 am on Sunday it started to snow which was very cool. I really miss living in snow country, well the good parts the hassles of snow country suck, but I do love to shovel snow if that counts?

Because it started to snow and we drove my car up the mountain instead of Christi’s Explorer, we left first thing Sunday morning just in case it really started to snow hard.

Pastor Pauleee

November 8, 2008

Bullhead City — Arizona
At the Circuit Riders encampment early in the morning, waiting for the coffee to brew and the day to begin.
Yes, Pauleee with 3 “E’s”, I have asked that question myself.

Free Time

November 7, 2008

Our lives have been a blur lately, this weekend will be the first time we have both actually been in town or this country together for what 2 months? So how we spend our weekend at home? Jim & Christi style of course! We will be journeying out of town, but locally only, we are heading to Big Bear to visit family since with our upcoming schedules the next time we will be able visit the family in the mountains will most likely be April.
I have a dozen photo shoots that need to be worked up sitting on hard drives, so I apologize for the lack of photos posted here lately. Although I did manage to squeeze out a Halloween set I shot for Anuvue Studio, the above photos are from that set. I figured the 2 featured were relevant to our future (she is representing a “blue state”)… You can see more HERE Password is skull

On another front, I really like this band, “Twisted Wheel” they remind me a lot of another band I still LOVE the Sex Pistols.

Amid the disappointment and lunacy of the last 2 weeks, there was some phenomenal great news last Tuesday October 28th the world’s 2nd best band AC/DC released a NEW ALBUM!

Circuit Riders — Laughlin NV

October 23, 2008

These are images are from last weekend while in Laughlin Nevada and are part of a long term series / relationship with the Circuit Riders of the Las Vegas chapter. There are some earlier images here if you want to check them out.

Yellow Hat Monk

May 25, 2008

A Yellow Hat Tibetan Buddhist monk from Ta’er Monastery (Kumbum), near Xining. Here is an interesting panorama view of the monastery I saw the other day.