Not Missing, Just Busy

Having been a little longer than forever since posting something to this blog and not for reasons being a lack of content. It just seems since June everything I have photographed has been Copyrighted, Content Restrictive or flat out not of interest to this blog. In the same time frame I have gained an additional terabyte of RAW images and yet still can not come up with something that is sharable for one reason or another.

Today while archiving I decided to share these outtakes of light & exposure checks, etc. From a magazine advertisement set I shot for Performance Machine Inc. about a month ago. The shoot went really well, the model had a great personality, the stylists were not bitchy and the client was gracious and I have been told that the first of these AD’s run next month, so I will damn well share those images once the client releases the AD’s for their upcoming 2011 season catalog to the printer. Having seen the comps I know the AD’s look awesome, my friend / client Andy Meadors was the art director as well as doing all the post production himself (pictured lower right).

Even in my documentary work lately there seems to be some reason as to not show the images, just last week I was in Mexico scouting a future outreach trip, yet still all of the contacts need to have a couple of meetings to decide if this is a viable project, thus the images are under wraps lest someone get excited prematurely.

BUT come Christmas Day Christi and I are in Las Vegas at Las Vegas Harley Davidson photographing The Broken Chains homeless outreach as we did last year as well and since it is a time donation, there will be no image restrictions and I can show you as many as I wish.

If it was not for my iPhone and the photos that get published to my Twitter/Facebook accounts, I would go into artistic insanity (more than usual) from lack of having an outlet. So go subscribe if you miss my images : )

Model Kimberly Girard


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