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Nomads Here & Afar

July 24, 2010

Today is one of those days that I woke up thinking maybe working in construction or a grocery store would be a better option, 20 years of task oriented work and then retirement…

Wondering whether or not any of the photos or stories I have even make a difference, I have been mopey because because I have not had to hassle with customs, airlines and 3rd world inconveniences (joys) in a while and I crave an adventure.

A lot of you know that I really would like to tell the complete story of the Circuit Riders through photos & words, from the back of a bike myself. But the logistics of mounting a story about nomads in the USA is posing too be far far more difficult than doing the same 12,000 miles away in the middle of nowhere, in countries where I do not fluently speak the language!

Then this morning I notice a copy of Free Tibet Magazine in the mail pile and opened it up to see one of my photos as the main story, I feel a little better, a little.
Here is their Site and a link to a gallery of mine on their site.

— the shot was taken at a Tibetan school near Zeku Tibet


Lost & Found

July 7, 2010

This image has resided on my desktop in a folder without a name for a long awhile now. Which is odd for me because every so often on a day like today my computers begin to feel claustrophobic, so I either back everything up to an auxiliary drive, toss it away or shove into a folder labeled DMZ only to be tossed away permanently soon there after anyways because when that folder appears too full it makes me claustrophobic as well.
But this one stray little untitled folder containing a single image has been granted a pardon from my draconian filing time & again. Each time I open this folder thinking “what is this untitled folder and why does it exist?!” then I look at the image and think, I like this, perhaps it should be used on the blog or the website? Then I get distracted, never use it — repeat… Today the folder leaves my desktop.