My Alternate Life in 3 Email Stories

The Following 3 posts are all part of my alternate life series.
Going on about 4 years now Christi and I have received emails for everything ranging from Tupperware parties to Family Reunions addressed to us at our joint Yahoo account jcmgill. BUT they are not for us, the emails are intended for a John & Charlotte McGill and NOT Jim & Christi McGill at jcmcgill.
To be fair I have returned a great many emails saying “you have the wrong address” and while I am always addressed as “John” I always respond “Jim” yet whether it be John or Charlotte the giving out of the wrong email address, it continues to this day.

The following posts are some of my favorite email exchanges of recent — A few people I know think that this is cruel, Christi and I happen to think it is hilarious, you be the judge while you enjoy the 3 posts below…

Note: We have used our Yahoo account since 1992 so it is not a recently assigned address.


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4 Responses to “My Alternate Life in 3 Email Stories”

  1. imetam Says:

    Brad and I think they are hilarious!

  2. Holly Rodriguez Says:

    Oh, Jim…you make me laugh 🙂 These are great!

  3. anuvuestudio Says:

    Hysterically funny! Move over Ron White…

  4. shironeko Says:

    hiliarious!!!! lmao

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