Sailing With Chuck

First images from my adventures sailing with Chuck while I was learning about his life “OFF the Grid”


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6 Responses to “Sailing With Chuck”

  1. Justin Says:

    WOW. Once again, fantastic work! I hope to read more about your trip, in addition to the stunning photography.

  2. sheilaparas Says:

    the photos are all wonderful! i especially love the first and second.

  3. Paul Sessa DVM Says:

    Great photo.. Really captures “Chuck” .. Got the Blue tooth and the hat.. a man of contrasts… LOL ( no chuck .. this doesn’t mean .. little old lady… hee hee.. )


  4. Dale Keath Says:

    A great guy beautifully presented by your photos. Would love to see more. I know Chuck well (he’s my bro) and know his story would be of interest to a lot of people.

  5. mmrife1 Says:

    Would love to see more too. Really nice work. Would like to hear more about Chuck and what compelled you to shoot these.

  6. Lenny Says:

    Great photo’s, Great guy, needs to get off the grid in Hawaii!
    He would love it here!

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