Christmas Morning 2009

Christmas Morning Christi and I headed to Harley Davidson of Las Vegas Nevada to photograph a homeless outreach that served 17 turkeys, 8 hams, numerous side dishes, 20 pies and 1 birthday cake to around 300 people. The outreach group also gave out a sanitary kit, blanket, wool beanie, gloves and a tote bag, all of it brand new purchased through donations from the various groups and churches that participate.

This is Cody the coordinator.
Not that long ago Cody was addicted to crack and homeless himself. The first year that he was back on his feet, he and his wife Heather made a turkey dinner and took it to the park where they had lived while they were homeless and fed 20 people on Christmas morning and he says “I knew what I was called to do and 5 years later, look how we are able to help…”

the rest of the photos HERE


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5 Responses to “Christmas Morning 2009”

  1. andrea pruett Says:

    I was a volunteer and I was wondering if you had anymore pictures. I would love to purchase some…if possible.

    Thank you!
    Andrea Pruett

  2. Street Photographer Says:

    Great pictures and a great event. Guys like Cody are the ones that make a real difference while the people with the power to deal with the issue look the other way or just talk about it.

  3. Gaynell Andress Says:

    I have volunteered before, but just thought about it this time and I see what I missed..Hopefully, next year I will do more than think about it..
    Thank you Las Vegas Harley Davidson…..

  4. Vikki Seelig Says:

    These pictures are hauntingly beautiful. What a great gift God has blessed you with to make images come alive. Thank you for sharing these photos.

  5. Jack Nelson Says:


    Thanks for the great comment on my site. I just checked out your site and there are some pretty powerful photos there too. I really like the Christmas morning photos. Good stuff.

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