A Tale of Two Important Anniversaries

The First Important Anniversary, is that today on December 10th Christi and I have been married now for15 years.
And in honor of my beautiful bride, I put together a quick slide show from an assortment of Christi photos that are residing on my laptop, then scored it with “Rebel Waltz” by the Clash, this has always been our song since we met 22 years ago and it was also our wedding march.

The Second important anniversary is that it has been 30 years since the release of London Calling by the Clash (December 14 1979)
Here is one of our favorite songs from that album “Guns of Brixton”


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2 Responses to “A Tale of Two Important Anniversaries”

  1. Holly Rodriguez Says:

    Wow…congratulations, Jim & Christi…15 years…that’s admirable.
    Jim, your love for Christi is so apparent, esp. in your pictures. Gotta love a girl that can kick your booty đŸ™‚ Ha….

  2. Jeffrey shattuck Says:

    I loved the slide show. Some great shots and a good tune.

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