South Coast Shipyard





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5 Responses to “South Coast Shipyard”

  1. Jeff Shattuck Says:

    1] Nice shots
    2] Hey, I know that boat!
    3] Where the hell is Bamboo’s comment?
    4] You need something on this blog that allows you to stay logged in (now that I write that I wonder if mine has that feature…)
    5] Okay, end with Nice shots again (esp the front shot)

  2. Bamboo Says:

    1] REALLY nice shots. Perhaps I am biased?
    2] That boat is Faith, a Gloucester Schooner moored in Newport Beach Harbor, CA. That boat is also my home. Happily, it has not yet sunk. Stay tuned, however.
    3) Bamboos comment has arrived. Didn’t want to seem biased.
    4) Your website needs feature X. Feature Y rocks! Not so sure about feature Z though.
    5) Yeah, I love how these shots turned out, and have forwarded them to pretty much everyone on the internet.

  3. Christian Says:

    Hey! Nice clean lines and curves, love that last one. Hope you’re doing well! -Christian

  4. Barbara Ballinger Says:

    My father worked for South Coast Shipyards during World War II. My mother as well as my grandmother each Christened a boat. We are trying to put some identity to the types of war time ship built there. We think it was P.T. boats or mine-sweeper.

    Thank you for any information you might have.

    Barbara Ballinger

  5. Dick Shea Says:

    Two of my uncles worked for Southcoast Shipyards during World War II. One of their products was a minesweeper built of wood and non-ferrous metals so they wouldn’t attract new types of magnetic mines being developed by the enemy. I don’t know if any of them were ever used in combat. I also remember the name Hubbard being associated with South Coast. I think that was the owner or the owner’s family.

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