New Direction for Christi


In about 2 weeks Christi will begin a career change in a radically new direction, she will be working full-time for the Orange County Rescue Mission as a Medical Assistant in their Outreach to Homeless Shelters, Food Banks and Low Rent Neighborhoods and she will help to provide basic medical services from an RV that is fully medically equipped.
Christi has wanted to change career paths for a long while now and last month she graduated from her training (Top of her class too!). She is so excited about being able to go out and help everyday.


Both photos were taken in Laughlin while photographing the Circuit Riders recently.
Top photo she is talking with someone under a tent cover.
Bottom photo Christi is being my Sherpa with around 30 lbs. of extra camera gear on the Laughlin Strip.


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6 Responses to “New Direction for Christi”

  1. Yumi Says:

    I am so happy to hear the good news!!


  2. Alice Says:

    I know you will be great. I miss you guys.
    Call me sometime.

  3. anuvuestudio Says:

    Best of luck to your new future Christi.
    Letting go of what you know and taking that first step is always scary.
    But in helping others, no doubt, you will find the greatest happiness and the biggest reward life offers…
    😉 H

  4. Josh Pool Says:

    so awesome! Christi, you inspire the hell out of us. Jim – where have you been? we have been getting together at Aarons late every monday night for “pipes and pints”! well we don’t call it that but you need to start driving up and we can make it official… text me somtime. you might have been getting a little rusty with the knife skills so i should probably re-train you a little bit too…

    love josh

  5. Shirley Buxton Says:

    Best wishes to Christi. Your pictures are inspirational.

  6. Al Says:

    We’re so proud of you, sweetie. This totally fits with your personality. You’ll do great.

    We love you…Dad

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