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May 27, 2009


Billy recently an Ex-Outlaw or 1%er biker. Spending some time with the Circuit Riders at the Unity Camp in Bullhead City AZ.


New Direction for Christi

May 15, 2009


In about 2 weeks Christi will begin a career change in a radically new direction, she will be working full-time for the Orange County Rescue Mission as a Medical Assistant in their Outreach to Homeless Shelters, Food Banks and Low Rent Neighborhoods and she will help to provide basic medical services from an RV that is fully medically equipped.
Christi has wanted to change career paths for a long while now and last month she graduated from her training (Top of her class too!). She is so excited about being able to go out and help everyday.


Both photos were taken in Laughlin while photographing the Circuit Riders recently.
Top photo she is talking with someone under a tent cover.
Bottom photo Christi is being my Sherpa with around 30 lbs. of extra camera gear on the Laughlin Strip.

Pop & Bear

May 13, 2009


Circuit Riders during the Laughlin River Run 2009
Pop -Texas President
Bear – Vice President Las Vegas Chapter

First Image from Laughlin

May 7, 2009


I only had enough time to dump/backup the images from Laughlin from a field drive to a desktop server, then the next day Christi and I took off to Maneadero MX to visit with some missionary friends @ the Ensenada Project . Planning to be in front of a computer the next 3 days shifting images, but until then…