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March 13, 2009


More parade photos to come…


Mountains vs. Kayaks

March 1, 2009

In my history of adventures concerning mountains there are very few summits that have failed to reach or even had to turn away from and head back down the mountain, most of those being for one reason or another due to an injury or illness striking a member of the climbing team.

Yesterday however well It felt great to be on a mountain side with ice axe in hand, hearing only the sounds of my axe as it punched into the ice and the sound of my boots kicking into the snow/ice…
It was my inarticulate knees that caused me to turnabout ultimately; unfortunately I am getting to the point where distances covered can be measured by that of aspirins chewed.

These days I find myself more and more dreaming about learning to kayak and fish, a nice low knee impact sport! I did have some adventure yesterday which was 100% due to my failure to pack my crampons (honestly did not expect rock hard ice surfaces in Southern California) so I went on an little ice ride, the funny thing is as and I suppose this comes from experience and expending bucket of adrenaline over the years. As I am sliding down the mountain at 20 mph looking for a good place to flip over and plant my ice axe to execute a self arrest, my thoughts are not of “oh shit!” they are of “cool I do not have $10,000 of camera equipment today to worry about in my pack today!” After I stopped my slide and a quick assessment of gear and body, my little Canon SD600 is fine, I am bleeding from a small cut on my knee and some scraped up knuckles. Which makes it a good trip because as Christi will tell you “Jimmy isn’t have fun until he is bleeding” Today as I type this I am also realizing my left pinky and ring finger may be fractured? So it was a really good day.

OH BY THE WAY before you start saying “Kayaking and fishing? Jim is getting soft?” I am not talking about paddling around a lake with fishing pole in hand drinking a beer. No it is more like one of THESE to cross the Pacific or Artic oceans and the fishing part so I can eat so I can do THIS, it has to be adventure not nap time.

PS Ask for directions from Google Maps to Tokyo Japan from the USA and you will see that Google understands me.