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Christi — Arizona Desert

January 22, 2009



Middle of Nowhere

January 15, 2009

Near Hackberry Arizona on Route 66

Last night while sitting on our front porch we overheard this spoken from 2 old men both somewhere in their 80’s?
They both live in the same “very safe neighborhood” of Yorba Linda a couple of condos over from us.

Got your cane?
Lordy no I forgot!
Well you don’t want to be walking in this neighborhood without one!
A few moments later the second old man returns, and the first old man says.
Got it? Good, all set then lets go.
The second old man then said dreamily.
You know it would be nice to smack someone hard with this and then have a good whiskey.
Yeah that would be nice said the first old man.

I am going to have to meet those two one of these days, I can very much hear those words coming out of my mouth someday…