Laughlin Nevada

Christi and I decided to base our operation out of Laughlin, at least for the next couple of nights. Tonight we walked the town, had dinner at the buffet in our hotel which was great, it also included a beer and wine buffet and cost less than the burgers we had for lunch today. Then we discovered that for all of our world travels, adventures and knowledge. We have never dealt with a slot machine, we spent 20 minutes playing a 5 cent machine on $1.00. We have no clue what was going on, although we did win or were issued two certificates from the machine for $0.19 and $0.04 cents. So does that mean we won $0.23 cents from our $1 investment? About as good as our investments our doing right now in the stock market. So our goal now is to find someone to teach us what the hell is going on with a slot machine and how to play.

All photos and post from my iPhone


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