Back to Normal & Snow

Life in Yorba Linda is now back to somewhat normal, all of the evacuations in our neighborhood have been called off. Although it is still surreal in our area, 113 homes destroyed and 50 more damaged just in Yorba Linda alone. The fires that burned Northward towards Diamond Bar & Chino Hill still have hot spots and the total fire area has yet to be contained. Christi and I still have not unpacked our luggage it is waiting in the living room and I am not quite ready to plug my image drives back in yet…

Christi and I did make it up to my mothers house in Big Bear last weekend, at around 3 am on Sunday it started to snow which was very cool. I really miss living in snow country, well the good parts the hassles of snow country suck, but I do love to shovel snow if that counts?

Because it started to snow and we drove my car up the mountain instead of Christi’s Explorer, we left first thing Sunday morning just in case it really started to snow hard.


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2 Responses to “Back to Normal & Snow”

  1. josh Says:

    jim. glad you and your place are ok. loving the clash cd’s you made me to the fullest. we need to have some pipe time next you are up.

  2. Christian Kaysen Says:

    Jim! So glad that your area is okay. I can’t wait to head up to the snow this Christmas! Just wish i could sooner…

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