Fires in Yorba Linda!

Our neighborhood is the circled area;
the map legend is TAN=Voluntary Evacuation BLUE=Mandatory Evacuation and RED=Fire Area
It is 9:30 Saturday night and we can clearly see fire burning on the hills fewer than a few minutes walk from our home. Christi and I went to a gallery opening this night and shortly after arriving received a phone call, that the fires that have burning all day have forced the evacuation of the grocery store we shop at from a friend who works for the corporation. We came back home and have backed the essentials, passports, cash, cameras and removed all of the hard drives with images and a few changes of clothes. There are 4 or 5 large bags as well as the camera equipment sitting in our front room, it looks like we are heading to Tibet tonight. But really what do you take? Thankfully everything is insured but still?
For now Christi and I are fine, she is sitting behind me in my office in the “comfy” chair asleep…

For a up to date FIRE MAP GO HERE


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4 Responses to “Fires in Yorba Linda!”

  1. the epic beat - blog » Blog Archive » It only takes a spark… Says:

    […] I feel for my buddy Jim tonight, who is pretty close to having to evacuate his house.  (naturally, he is mostly concerned for his external hard drives filled with his archived photography…read here) […]

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Wow! You and your wife are in my prayers.


  3. TOMOE Says:

    WOW! There was very closed near by your appartment! Was the fire caused by nature or a person?
    I am frozen when I hear about fire.
    I am glad that you guys are fine. p(^ . ^)q

    (Oh…I forget English! (-.-;)……

  4. Christian Kaysen Says:

    Praying for you two!

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