Free Time

Our lives have been a blur lately, this weekend will be the first time we have both actually been in town or this country together for what 2 months? So how we spend our weekend at home? Jim & Christi style of course! We will be journeying out of town, but locally only, we are heading to Big Bear to visit family since with our upcoming schedules the next time we will be able visit the family in the mountains will most likely be April.
I have a dozen photo shoots that need to be worked up sitting on hard drives, so I apologize for the lack of photos posted here lately. Although I did manage to squeeze out a Halloween set I shot for Anuvue Studio, the above photos are from that set. I figured the 2 featured were relevant to our future (she is representing a “blue state”)… You can see more HERE Password is skull

On another front, I really like this band, “Twisted Wheel” they remind me a lot of another band I still LOVE the Sex Pistols.

Amid the disappointment and lunacy of the last 2 weeks, there was some phenomenal great news last Tuesday October 28th the world’s 2nd best band AC/DC released a NEW ALBUM!


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One Response to “Free Time”

  1. tam Says:

    Our life has been a blur lately too! Brad and I took today and spent it at a local state park, hiking. It was so nice NOT to go into work. We have a busy weekend ahead of us but we still plan to rest.

    Hope you and Christi have a fantastic weekend together!!

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