Rooftop Laundry

A couple of years ago I scouted a rooftop location in Guadalajara Mexico in order to shoot a 360 degree view of the city, at some point I snapped this photo I am guessing purely by accident because of the composition. BUT there are certain images that reside on hard drives that every time you pass them you have to stop and look at them and ponder. I have a workflow system that basically works like this. All images go through Adobe Lightroom onto one of many backup hard drives, then I do my sorting tagging and first round edits in Lightroom and from Lightroom the selected images go one of 2 places ” X_Client_Edit” to be worked in Adobe Photoshop or a folder named “possible”. The folder named possible contains incredibly random stuff like a photo of a TV remote in China, a recent shot of a models high heel or this shot of laundry, basically anything that catches my artistic eye or that of Christi’s as she watches the images fly by on the screen that go beyond the scope of the actual job. Well now my folder has one less image for me to think about and say “I should do something with that one…”


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One Response to “Rooftop Laundry”

  1. Christian Kaysen Says:

    Hey! I like the “possible” folder concept! I’m going to borrow that idea if you don’t mind. I’ll give it back later… haha!

    Seriously though. Such a good idea.

    I’m very envious of all those great B&W tones in your images. It makes me want to bust out the medium format and buy some expired film!

    also, quick question. how many back up drives do you currently have? 🙂

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