I am Christi, Damn It!

Most people the world over would agree that Christi is pleasant, nice and easily likable.
Basically the opposite of me, that is why I call Christi my ambassador.
But every so often my Black Belted Karate wife, gets fed up with politics, crime, the economy and as she puts it the “general stupidity of the planet!”
Friday night we as spoke on the phone after work she was heading to her Karate Dojo and I to the Anuvue Studio gallery, Christi was cut off in traffic twice, she had a police officer chirp his siren at her as he attempted to get around her car in completely stopped traffic, several people ahead of her in the intersection had to make left hand turns which they failed to do, resulting in her saying “why is the world so full of left hand turn morons, just go damn it!” and then a whole family J-walked into traffic on a 50 mph+ street forcing everyone to slow down or stop.
So as we talked the duration of her 20 minute commute from work to the dojo she was on the verge of kicking the crap out of the very next rule violator or any moron that presented themselves to her.
Until she finally parked her car at the dojo. After I spoke to Christi the song linked below came on the radio and made me laugh, Wanda Jackson could have wrote this about my Christi.

Wanda Jackson — Fujiyama Mama

This photo was taken last night, we decided we were going to a favorite Mexican food place around 7 p.m. while I was getting ready she just stood on the front porch waiting, unaware I even took this photo.


4 Responses to “I am Christi, Damn It!”

  1. Holly Says:

    Your wife kicks ass…I wouldn’t want to mess with her…or get in her way when she’s driving 🙂 Oh, and you can be pleasant. People just don’t know how to read you so they get intimidated….and I know you love it!

  2. Karina Says:

    A wonderful stolen moment!

  3. jon Says:

    these are the shots I live for in my own photography. great display of sneakiness.

  4. maidenleather Says:

    Your wife is awesome!

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