Portraits of Me by Others

by Christi

by Christi

In downtown Xining while on a shopping expedition for jumper cables and nails. On a very cold morning.

by A.J. Smith

by A.J. Smith

Helping to prepare dinner Tibetan style in the village of Jai Jai.

by Mike Barnes

by Mike Barnes

Repairing Mike’s pack with needle and my ever indispensable dental floss at the Hui Tai hotel before heading into the mountains. I have more gear repaired with dental floss then any other material on Earth.


4 Responses to “Portraits of Me by Others”

  1. dieterdelathauwer Says:

    hehe, funny to see the man behind his photographs!
    also weird that you in none of the images no camera can be spotted!
    i always love “behind the scene” footage!

  2. Sathiyan Says:

    Nice to see you sir!

  3. Alice Says:

    Hey you,
    Remember when you made Erin a bow out of a cutter stick and dental floss.
    She still has it and the arrows.

  4. maidenleather Says:

    Love these pictures…excuse me moments captured, very nice

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