Christi and I spent the weekend in Joshua Tree photographing  Joshua trees for a 2009 calendar.
ALSO trying out Christi’s new medium duty trekking shoes. Her last couple pairs of shoes have not been kind to her, no actually they hated her and been very cruel-shoes. While we were in Tibet she decided never again! And she set upon on a quest to find the perfect pair…

The Verdict? Right out of the box, lacing them up the morning of the hike with no break in period 11 miles NO blisters, NO hotspots, NO discomfort and as matter of fact she pronounced they were no different than walking around in her flip flops. Which beats the hell out of the last couple of bloodied blistered limping hikes we have had over the past year or so.
Thank You La Sportiva!
Besides I already love their boots as they are the maker of my mountaineering boots.


One Response to “Christi”

  1. dieterdelathauwer Says:

    this definitly is one of your best pictures recently…
    im not the emotional kinda guy, but this goes straight to the heart this portrait…

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