32 minutes of my world

I am asked 2 questions in emails over and over again;
1. What music do I listen to, during my photo editing?
I find this question a little odd sometimes, but then I had never given it much thought until lately. Then I began to ponder what music did Ansel Adams or Robert Capa listen to in their darkrooms while working alone? If you are one of the people that keep proposing that I listen to Angelic Choral, Classical or New Age type music… You may be disappointed to read the below playlist or to hear that I will still take the Clash or AC/DC over 90% of the worlds known music.

2. What is my work-flow and how do I go about my editing or my “Photo-shopping” rather.
Here I will show you and I recently spent 8 hours working on a joint project with a friend and she equated watching me do 8 hours of Photoshop to watching a cat a mouse, here is 32 minutes of my world.

And for all of you that are curious about the sound track of my darkroom, while I left the sound on for you, enjoy.


2 Responses to “32 minutes of my world”

  1. anuvuestudio Says:

    As the person who sat with you those 8 long hours, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to only now know…that you love AC/DC…and that I was not subjected to their “music” during the Photoshop session. I may have been forced to drink…heavily.

    2 thumbs up on the Killers and Clash though…

    BTW…AA listened to Classical 😉

  2. nathaliewithanh Says:

    AC/DC? The Clash? A man according to my own heart! I really enjoyed visiting your blog and definitely have questions about your travel photography, a field I would love to tackle.
    As I’m watching you work, I realize that I’m not that anal after all. Others are too! I was also wondering why you did not process the image as a monochrome at the raw stage…
    Au revoir!

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