Before Real Cameras…

Back before I ever held a real camera in my hands, Christi prompted me to take our point and shoot Canon A-200 digital camera along on a trip to China, Tibet, Nepal and India, she said “you see all these cool things and come back with stories, try and take some pictures for me, OK?”
I was overseas on this particular trip for 17 days, it was a whirl wind trip set up to meet new contacts.
Yesterday I received an email from a friend who also went on this trip and he asked if he could have a copy of the photos for a talk he will be giving soon. I responded in an email instantly, absolutely I will get them to you right away. Then I started thinking, how and where will they be stored? In those days I still used Zip drives and I threw out the last of my Zip drives maybe 3 years ago? Because prior to that they had lived on the top closet shelf for an additional 3 years.
These days I have 500 GB Lacie hard drives stacked up & filled with images, I have 7 binders filled with DVD’s prior to that. I went to the oldest of the binders and there in the first slot was a single CD! Labeled Tibet scout trip, a CD? What did I do? Save 5 images? I stuck the CD into my Mac and began going through the images and it looks like they were all here, a whole whopping 677 images that start in Chengdu China and wrap up in Dharamsala India.

While looking at thees images I suddenly remembered Christi saying “Jimmy, you should be photographer, you capture the peoples emotions” And I am sure my response was along the lines of “right, like that will happen…”

I put some of the photos here in a Flickr set if your interested in seeing my first photos.

Stats 677 photos comprising 181.7 MB in 17 days! — The equivalent of 15 RAW images for me today.


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  1. pictureoftoday Says:

    very good!!!

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