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Saying Goodbye

May 27, 2008



Yellow Hat Monk

May 25, 2008

A Yellow Hat Tibetan Buddhist monk from Ta’er Monastery (Kumbum), near Xining. Here is an interesting panorama view of the monastery I saw the other day.

32 minutes of my world

May 24, 2008

I am asked 2 questions in emails over and over again;
1. What music do I listen to, during my photo editing?
I find this question a little odd sometimes, but then I had never given it much thought until lately. Then I began to ponder what music did Ansel Adams or Robert Capa listen to in their darkrooms while working alone? If you are one of the people that keep proposing that I listen to Angelic Choral, Classical or New Age type music… You may be disappointed to read the below playlist or to hear that I will still take the Clash or AC/DC over 90% of the worlds known music.

2. What is my work-flow and how do I go about my editing or my “Photo-shopping” rather.
Here I will show you and I recently spent 8 hours working on a joint project with a friend and she equated watching me do 8 hours of Photoshop to watching a cat a mouse, here is 32 minutes of my world.

And for all of you that are curious about the sound track of my darkroom, while I left the sound on for you, enjoy.

Zeku Video

May 23, 2008

This couple was standing outside of the market place in Zeku Tibet, in front of what you could call Zeku Video? The street merchant did have a movie poster on the wall that was from a 2003 movie and he was seated below the sign with a blanket and about 50 pirated DVDs, so Zeku Video. Note that she has money in hand, a purchase of something took place. I photographed this couple 6 times, each time the guy wanted to see my LCD display after I took each photo. Then he would proceed primp his hair and fix her presentation, this photo is truly the final and the one that he was most satisfied with. I would love to hire this guy as my photo assistant next, if only he spoke some English…


May 22, 2008

So this last time I was in Tibet, I took along a video camera and while shooting I was holding it at shoulder level to steady it and I suddenly realized that I could not make out the LCD screen! Ahh! I rationalized it in my mind, it must just be the elevation, the dust or I was tired etc etc. Then a couple weeks ago my phone rang at 2 am I picked it up off the night stand and realized that I had to hold the phone about a foot away from my face so that I could read the incoming number. Again I rationalized that one away as well, but lets be honest the Motorola Q has a 2 x 1.5 inch screen so it is clearly visible! Then I noticed I was having a problem reading, looking at my hand, looking at a vitamin bottle…

I went to the eye doctor (first time I have ever done that) which is same doctor that Christi uses and it just so turns out we have almost exactly the same prescription. I think my glasses arrive today, wow I will be reading with glasses, damn! 

The photo was taken in Ga Hai Tibet a couple years ago, a friend of mine had brought some 200 pairs of drugstore type reading glasses in varying prescriptions and was checking the peoples eyes and giving the glasses away to those who needed them.


May 20, 2008


May 19, 2008

Zeku Tibet

Corner Market

May 16, 2008

Tibet Waiting…

May 14, 2008

Waiting, waiting for the Olympics to come, waiting for the the Olympics to go, waiting for the next step…
This girl waiting outside the train station in Xining symbolizes the current situation perfectly, she is just waiting for help to take her belongings home and stay warm, framed against the fortress that is China.

Lunchtime in Tibet

May 13, 2008

Ga Hai Tibet