Pack Memorial :-(

So this weekend while Christi and I were out in Joshua Tree, the zipper on my Lowe pack failed 😦 my Contour Mountain 40 been such a great pack!
This pack has been my friend & companion through a lot.
12 years of service.
It has visited at least a dozen countries.
Traveled about 100,000 air miles.
Rode on my back for at least 2000 miles on a bike.
Has walked with me for at least another 4000 miles.
My pack has been above 10,000 feet over a 100x and above 14,000 feet at least a dozen times.
Been drenched in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, totally submerged in Nepal, fought snow storms in many a alpine peak.
My pack has ridden on Yaks, Horses, Taxi’s, Trains, Buses and has been carried by Sherpas.
It has been violated by customs agents, border guards and soldiers.
My pack has carried candy to orphans in remote villages and carried medicine to remote clinics & field hospitals and has carried a great many gifts “from back home” to field workers.
This pack has been my pillow countless nights in countless places.
This is not my packs first ouch, but this one I can’t stitch up with dental floss, once a zipper goes it is time to retire it.
I dread picking a new pack, it is as hard as picking a spouse. Will it bind, squeak, leak, wiggle, shift, be comfortable, will it have the right pockets, will my ice axe sit just so, fit in the overhead baggage, not bind my camera bag straps, etc etc. Oh and yes it is not my only one, but it is my favorite and will need to be replaced. Anyone have any connections at Lowe Alpine and maybe you can get them to make the “Contour Mountain 40” again?
If I sound sentimental about my pack? I am! Live out of one for awhile and you will be too. Below is a photo of what is on the wall behind me right now, so I guess the answer is yes I take them seriously.



3 Responses to “Pack Memorial :-(”

  1. kaysenphoto Says:

    “violated by customs agents, border guards”- I know what you mean. I’m terribly sorry for your loss. I know that has some really nice packs tho. That’s where I order most of my climbing gear from.

    Good luck! and let us know what pack it will be replaced by, I’m interested to find out what you will choose.

  2. Tim Starr Says:

    I have this same pack and it’s been through a lot of what you talk about with me as well in my 10+ years of all kinds of use (and abuse).

    Anyway, my zipper completely failed on me probably 6 or 7 years ago on this pack. I brought it to an EMS store (I originally bought it at an EMS) and they sent it back to Lowe Alpine. Since Lowe Alpines have a lifetime warranty, in about 3 weeks I had my same pack (not just an exchange) back with a fixed zipper and a couple of other cracked fastex buckles fixed too!

    It’s probably worth contacting Lowe Alpine and seeing what they can do. Or just get a new zipper put in by a good tailor or something!

    Good luck! I hope you can save your “baby”!


  3. gear Says:

    I own two Contour Mountain 40 (one just the same color as yours, and one all black) and one Contour Mountain 50. For a while it (the 40) was remarked as the lowe alpine contour classic.

    I checked the web site (USA) and they appear not to have the “contour classic” nor the “Contour Mountain 40” a this time.

    And they are hard to find on ebay as well!

    I was looking at getting one for a gift for a friend.

    Lowe Alpine marketing people get a clue! bring it back.

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