Tibet School

This photo was taken in a Tibetan school near Zeku Tibet. The local contacts had asked me to photograph the school because they are looking to find sponsors to help re-furnish the classrooms. The kid that is standing, is not because he had a question or he even wanted to, it is that he had no chair, but look at that smile.
When I walked into the classroom to photograph the furniture the room was empty. All the students were outside, but as soon as I stepped into the room the students suddenly flew into the classroom and were eager to learn. I asked the kid that is standing if he spoke any English, and without missing a beat every student pulled out their English primers, held them up and and at the same time all said “What’s your name, are you fine?” Jim and yes I am fine today, I responded. Then one of the girls ran up to me with a little piece of chalk and pointed to the blackboard and said “what country, you?” So I spent the next 1/2 hour writing my name, country, drew a map showing California and answered questions to the best of my understanding of their English (my Tibetan SUCKS). It was a very cool experience and they all took copious amounts of notes and copied my maps into the back of their books.


10 Responses to “Tibet School”

  1. kaysenphoto Says:

    Wow! That is an awesome shot! How long did you get to spend with this group of kids?

  2. rachel Says:


  3. Adam Says:

    Workflow! Workflow! We want your geeky Workflow! At least send it to me. Beautiful shot man…Do you secretly submit photos and applications to Nat’l Geographic? Haver you ever thought about it?

  4. nelsonpetilla Says:

    Nice capture man! i love the emotion evoked in the image

  5. elchicotoxico Says:

    Thanks! I add you to our blogroll! 🙂

  6. dieterdelathauwer Says:

    on topic: great post! read with pleasure!
    off topic: really great blog!! i should come here more often! can i find some more background on you somewhere?!

  7. jef beirinckx Says:

    great expressions! awelawel!(that’s Flemish)

  8. Tibet School II « photo444 Says:

    […] School II These photos are from the same Tibetan / Orphan school I wrote about once before here. Only about 1/2 of these kids actually get to use desks during school the rest sit on floors or […]

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Great shot!
    Do you happen to know the name of the school?
    Is this just a one-room schoolhouse?

  10. suren Says:

    Wow what is century kids ? Really poor .What do doing China government for Tibet kids ??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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