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Tibet School

February 20, 2008

This photo was taken in a Tibetan school near Zeku Tibet. The local contacts had asked me to photograph the school because they are looking to find sponsors to help re-furnish the classrooms. The kid that is standing, is not because he had a question or he even wanted to, it is that he had no chair, but look at that smile.
When I walked into the classroom to photograph the furniture the room was empty. All the students were outside, but as soon as I stepped into the room the students suddenly flew into the classroom and were eager to learn. I asked the kid that is standing if he spoke any English, and without missing a beat every student pulled out their English primers, held them up and and at the same time all said “What’s your name, are you fine?” Jim and yes I am fine today, I responded. Then one of the girls ran up to me with a little piece of chalk and pointed to the blackboard and said “what country, you?” So I spent the next 1/2 hour writing my name, country, drew a map showing California and answered questions to the best of my understanding of their English (my Tibetan SUCKS). It was a very cool experience and they all took copious amounts of notes and copied my maps into the back of their books.


Durango Dog

February 14, 2008


Good Bye Polaroid :(

February 9, 2008

Polaroid is no more, no more instant portraits, no more instant 3rd world joy…
I have 2 boxes of Polaroid film sitting right on shelf, these would be last 50 Polaroids I may ever take and that is sad.
BUT the new digital printer from Polaroid is pretty cool! And it means carrying one less camera.

Super Tuesday

February 9, 2008

So I had to shoot 35 mm Black & White film for my documentary class assignment.
Tuesday a.m. I went to the market and bought a couple of newspapers to see what? If anything might be taking place in the OC area that I could go photograph and was a little surprised by the fact that since the Nixon Presidential Library is 2 blocks from here and we are “the heart of conservatism” that there was no activities for the Republicans except a watch party at a local Irish bar for McCain that did not start until 8 that night and I needed to gather images in the light since I was using ASA 125 film. Also I had never used this particular camera before, so I was not ready to experiment for an assignment I have to turn in. But it turned out that both Obama & Clinton had headquarters locally so I showed up at the Clinton campaign headquarters in Santa Ana with my gear and said I was here to shoot. They were happy to have me and sent me out with their “Visibility & Greet” people. Which equates to just that, being visible and greeting everyone they meet and asking them if they have voted? Would they vote Hillary? In this case 95% of the conversations took place in Spanish. So I spent 4 hours hanging out with some highly motivated and fun people. I heard a lot of interesting takes on life in the USA as an immigrant as well. After I was finished up with the Clinton folks, I bought some lunch at a Salvadorian restaurant that Christi & I frequent in Santa Ana, at the end of the meal I spotted some Obama supporter carrying signs and banners down the street so I followed them to the their headquarters and said the same “I am here to photograph” Oh I am sorry was the response, we are shutting down in a bit and heading out to the big watch party in Los Angeles. No problem I told her and started to leave, she said “wait would you like to go?” no it is a little out of my way, “I can give you a press pass to photograph there as well” Ok deal, where is it going to be… So I had to go buy some different film for a indoor dark event. I could only find ASA 400 B+W film, hopefully that will be fast enough (I have not had the chance to get to the labs to develop anything yet) When I got to the Avalon Theater in LA a lady with lots of gear walked up to the press entrance with exactly the same credentials I had in my pocket and they said “NOPE! go pound sand”. Crap! I changed my plans and decided to infiltrate instead. So I walked to a obvious news photographer and started a conversation about his Tamrac camera bag, because I could not think of anything else to talk about. He got to the head of the line and handed over an ID card that said he belonged to the really big boys and should be there or for that matter, anything news event. I continued to engage him in conversation while holding up the line for everyone else until the person checking ID’s thought I was with him and said “would you get the f*** in the door, your holding up the line!”
That is how I spent my Election Tuesday.

Now if my film turns out, I will be happy!

Election Coverage

February 7, 2008

My assignment for the documentary photography class for this week was “the election” the professor left it open ended as to the “what” we shot. There were suggestions of polling places, signs and rallies, etc. I was in Mexico shooting so I missed a large amount of the rallies and such, so I chose a different course.
I will fill in the details in a bit but I felt like making a post.
NOTE those odd Yellow boxes and that “film” camera!


February 4, 2008

Durango — Baja California / Mexico

Looking Outward

February 3, 2008