Documentary Photo

Orphans — Nextipac Mexico

So last night was my first class of the spring semester @ OCC, this semester I am taking a course on documentary photography. Turns out we will be shooting all of the assignments on B&W film (FILM!) and printing on fiber based photo papers. Remember all those things I said about darkrooms in an earlier post? Well karma maybe?…
I called a friend of mine last night after class and borrowed a film 35mm camera, I don’t own one, my photos have been digital from the onset, except for the brief interlude of using a 35mm camera again for  an OCC photo class during my intro photo 120 / prerequisite class a few years ago.
Yes the above photos are digital, I spent about 3 hours on Saturday creating these presets to speed my B&W “digital” process.


7 Responses to “Documentary Photo”

  1. aheiney Says:

    Oh the darkroom is a love/hate sort of thing for me to. I much prefer digital. I’m interested in this documentary photography class. I’m starting a series on my father experience with cancer. He has a brain tumor and I’m just sort of there with my camera trying to be sensitive. Any suggestions?

  2. Daleyhake Says:

    Dear Lord!!!!
    your black and whites are killing me, man.
    They look like medium format film

  3. wrtb28mm Says:

    Excellent work. Especially the first portrait is great.

  4. Christian Kaysen Says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I need to get back into film again too… i heard tho that he might let us shoot dig if he thinks our darkroom work is up to par. i highly doubt mine will ever be… :/

  5. Kamila Rondo Says:

    Nice photos 🙂 and children too.
    And I like work in darkroom 🙂

  6. jef beirinckx Says:

    Wow! Very,very nice!

  7. jessicagrady Says:


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