Urban Tibet?


The government is building 10’s of 1000’s of these homes for the Nomad Tibetans because it has been deemed that the Nomadic Herdsman and their Yaks are impacting the environment, causing desertification and in need of a more stable lifestyle. This is the future for the Nomadic peoples, no yards and no place for livestock or a garden. Very few employment opportunities, this “re-settlement” village is at 9800 feet on the Tibetan plateau and 75 miles from the nearest place that could be called a town or a 3 day commute for people that do not own a vehicle. This why I support groups like Amdo Craft & Global Nomad micro industries like these offer a chance and a way of life in a place that has few chance & a very tough way of life.


2 Responses to “Urban Tibet?”

  1. chickenmomma Says:

    How sad….

  2. Catherine Sprueil Says:

    Unbelieveable. Its very sad to be so isolated that way because of “public policy.” The photograph is very beautiful.

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