When Internet Companies Crash

So the other day I get an email from a girl in Sweden who asked me why I changed my domain name from photo444.com to dotfulfillment.net and at the same time why did I pull down all my photos?
I check and yep photo444.com is missing and it is replaced by a marker the Dot Printer uses for pages or links that are no longer valid, my website had defaulted to the original version from a couple of years ago my friend Justin had built for me at the Dot Printer.
So I called my domain server, no answer, I email tech support and no answer also.


I Googled the company name and am hit with hordes of links saying they folded. Justin tried to move my domain and the originating company blocked it, odd. I went on Monster.com and searched out anyone having the company listed and emailed them all, one guy emailed me back. He said they are not dead just limping badly. He reset my password for me so I could at least access my control consule. But he could not do anything anymore for me.
I then called foliolink.com where my website actually lives and they answered the first ring! The awesome team at foliolink helped me repoint at least from my blog to my website via a redirect. Then they called my domain registar on my behalf and they never answered the phones etc. I was not surprised, I gave my new hero Zaida my login and passwords to my domain consule after spending time in research she came up with a solution. This morning we both logged onto my account and she showed me how to reset the DNS, so that it will be point in the right direction. Then we (actually a whole lot more of she) came up to another brick wall. Turns out the company needed a .75 (CENTS) payment to switch DNS setting, I filled out 3 internet pages and entered a credit card number for 75 CENTS!
So bottom line is my new hero Zaida made everything work out and if you ever need their services I highly recommend foliolink.com and as soon as Justin gets back from his family trip we will swap my domain name away from the evil bastards that have it now…


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