Global Nomad — Tibet








Meet Global Nomad, these are friends of mine in Tibet, for the past couple of years they have been managing a Web Design team of Tibetans. They have been teaching the design, development and hosting of websites. Basically in the middle of nowhere literally, they are showing a new way to earn an income, in a land and a world where making a living from being a nomadic Yak herder is getting harder & harder to do, all of the current employees come from Nomadic families and until this job were herding Yak.
It has been my personal great joy to have the opportunity to teach Adobe PhotoShop & Illustrator the last couple years when ever I visit them. You want a real challenge? Teach a software program in a language you do not speak or read! The menu hierarchies and pallet placements are different! I am always about 20 minutes ahead of the class I am teaching because I have to locate the right functions myself.
This last visit I shot these corporate portraits for their advertising needs. That is really the town center, and those folks and Yaks did really gather around the shoot, in the 40 minutes or so it took to do all these shots, you would have thought a Chinese celebrity had shown up.


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