Disney Concert Hall




I see this building almost every time we are in Los Angeles. I have never been inside of it, nor have I ever stopped and really looked at it. I did so today, it is actually a really remarkable building. While at least from the outside I still have not been inside…


5 Responses to “Disney Concert Hall”

  1. anuvuestudio Says:

    It’s an incredible building created by a living legend of Architecture. Frank Gehry has built some of the most unusual and wonderful buildings, from the Guggenheim Museum in Spain to the Dancing House in Prague…to this.

    You were very lucky to shoot without people…or showed great patience in the waiting game. I have never been able to get anything without minglers. It also makes a great subject at night…the lighting is very beautiful. They had to tone the finish down because it was too reflective in the California sun for the drivers. Incidently, his house in Santa Monica is really fabulous too.

    Thanks for sharing these. The graphic lines are so mesmerizing in their movement.

  2. mothersvea Says:

    looks like it’s made of silk 😉

  3. Micah Says:

    Oooooo shiny…

  4. Daley Hake Says:

    those are amazing photos.

  5. rob mc Says:

    If you ever feel like taking in a LA Philharmonic show, let me know. I’ve seen pics of the inside and it’s amazing. Some of the pipes on the pipe organ are made of wood and they jut out at odd angles like french fries in a carton.

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