Polaroids & World Peace


A friend of mine Kenny said once in Mexico a few years back “give me enough Polaroid film and I will bring about world peace” I think Kenny may have been right, Polaroids do seem to universally bring happiness and instant friends because wants to share their polaroid pictures.
Every time head out to photograph, Christi always asks me are you going to take a Polaroid? My answer was always the same “no to heavy and too much stuff” besides I always travel with my laptop & hook up to play slide shows over a TV, I always travel with at least one Epson P2000 which can show a slide show and hook up to a TV or computer etc. So I figure I am good to go… Then always about the second day I realize duh, crap! I am shooting in the 3rd world and strangely enough power poles and TV’s are absent in their tents. You would think by now, after these years that at least I would realize that?
Every time I get back from a trip I update a list for that particular country;
A) what did not use again, that I can discard.
B) what did I need this time, that I should take.
Always I write take a Polaroid camera, but never follow through. This year however I did and it was bulky, the film is heavy, creates trash, and does pack well at all with the rest of my camera gear. So I did the smart thing I passed it off to my travel companion Mike, who loved the Polaroid job. Because he brought about so much joy and happiness, Mike had people lining to have their portraits made. Mike became an instant hero of legendary proportions in Tibet.
And I learned two important things this trip:
1# I will never again leave this country without a Polaroid in my gear, because these simple little badly colored prints gives something back to the people you are photographing and just thrill them.
2# Even in the 3rd world where the people have never seen Polaroid like the 5 year old in these photos, they shake the print until it comes up.
Where does that come from!


2 Responses to “Polaroids & World Peace”

  1. thisiskj Says:

    nice.. i should consider a polaroid for my journey.. it’s inspiring to share pictures instantly with people.. =)

  2. jef beirinckx Says:

    heartwarming…like this.

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