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Tibet — Portraits

November 30, 2007






Miniature Earth

November 30, 2007

Click on the photo link.
It will put a lot of this blog into perspective and it is just plain interesting…


Tibet — Family Life

November 30, 2007




Tibet — Chores

November 30, 2007




Life in in Tibet, laundry by the river, curing Yak meat on the clothes line and making Yak curd cheese.

Downtown Riverside

November 27, 2007


This past Saturday I photographed a joint project between the Grove and Path Of Life Ministries as about 250 volunteers cleaned up the surrounding neighborhoods around the homeless shelters. These are the same same shelters I photographed last August and September. The 2 shots here have nothing really to do with the documentary, I will post those later, these ones I just liked.

Christi & I

November 27, 2007

A couple of weeks ago at Christi’s brothers wedding, this photo of taken of us as we walked down the dock to the yatch. I am not sure if we have ever posted a photo of me in a civilized setting and with shoes and socks before?.


Oh and for you people who are stunned right now by the appearance of a suit, note this I have several!

Global Nomad — Tibet

November 21, 2007








Meet Global Nomad, these are friends of mine in Tibet, for the past couple of years they have been managing a Web Design team of Tibetans. They have been teaching the design, development and hosting of websites. Basically in the middle of nowhere literally, they are showing a new way to earn an income, in a land and a world where making a living from being a nomadic Yak herder is getting harder & harder to do, all of the current employees come from Nomadic families and until this job were herding Yak.
It has been my personal great joy to have the opportunity to teach Adobe PhotoShop & Illustrator the last couple years when ever I visit them. You want a real challenge? Teach a software program in a language you do not speak or read! The menu hierarchies and pallet placements are different! I am always about 20 minutes ahead of the class I am teaching because I have to locate the right functions myself.
This last visit I shot these corporate portraits for their advertising needs. That is really the town center, and those folks and Yaks did really gather around the shoot, in the 40 minutes or so it took to do all these shots, you would have thought a Chinese celebrity had shown up.

Paper Planes — MIA

November 21, 2007

Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam AKA M.I.A
I love the music from this lady, she has some of the best rebel songs since the Clash and she is the real deal, daughter of a Tamil rebel. Besides how can you not like a song that has the riff from the Clash song “Go Straight to Hell” and automatic weapons all in the same musical package?

Click on the link for the song “Paper Planes” off the new Kala album, which is my current favorite.


When Internet Companies Crash

November 21, 2007

So the other day I get an email from a girl in Sweden who asked me why I changed my domain name from to and at the same time why did I pull down all my photos?
I check and yep is missing and it is replaced by a marker the Dot Printer uses for pages or links that are no longer valid, my website had defaulted to the original version from a couple of years ago my friend Justin had built for me at the Dot Printer.
So I called my domain server, no answer, I email tech support and no answer also.


I Googled the company name and am hit with hordes of links saying they folded. Justin tried to move my domain and the originating company blocked it, odd. I went on and searched out anyone having the company listed and emailed them all, one guy emailed me back. He said they are not dead just limping badly. He reset my password for me so I could at least access my control consule. But he could not do anything anymore for me.
I then called where my website actually lives and they answered the first ring! The awesome team at foliolink helped me repoint at least from my blog to my website via a redirect. Then they called my domain registar on my behalf and they never answered the phones etc. I was not surprised, I gave my new hero Zaida my login and passwords to my domain consule after spending time in research she came up with a solution. This morning we both logged onto my account and she showed me how to reset the DNS, so that it will be point in the right direction. Then we (actually a whole lot more of she) came up to another brick wall. Turns out the company needed a .75 (CENTS) payment to switch DNS setting, I filled out 3 internet pages and entered a credit card number for 75 CENTS!
So bottom line is my new hero Zaida made everything work out and if you ever need their services I highly recommend and as soon as Justin gets back from his family trip we will swap my domain name away from the evil bastards that have it now…

Disney Concert Hall

November 20, 2007




I see this building almost every time we are in Los Angeles. I have never been inside of it, nor have I ever stopped and really looked at it. I did so today, it is actually a really remarkable building. While at least from the outside I still have not been inside…