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Break is Over…

September 29, 2007


The Blog-fast is over, still an overwhelming amount of photos to work up etc. etc, but I miss posting to the blog. Both of these images were taken on the street in Zeku Tibet.


Photos ?

September 16, 2007

Ok so where are the photos from China and Tibet?
Oh you mean all 70.97 Gigabytes of them?
Currently they are now for the 2nd solid day in a row (this is Sunday 3:34 p.m.) in my workflow process which is for all those who are interested is…
1. Into Adobe Lightroom 1.2 for Sorting / Meta Tagging / Batch Renaming
2. Contact Sheeting. (actually it is a 218 page PDF 24 per page 27.2 MB)
3. I make DVD back ups, they are already on a removable hard drive as well.
4. FINALLY they will be ready to move into Photo Shop CS3.

Here is what is on my plate in my non profit zone for the next week
1. Clean, Organize & FTP a shoot for Global Nomad in Zeku Tibet, of Global Nomad by Tuesday – for a commercial presentation and Flash movie
2. Clean, Organize and design brochure for Amdo Craft of Xining China for Amdo Craft and their USA distribution premier.
3.I have been asked to display 150 prints in gallery and also a conference about Tibet, so by the middle of the week I need to send a lot of prints off to the lab for printing.
4. Need to meet with gallery director and see how she wants the installation set up.
5. Design my own brochure for the gallery.
6. I am thinking of building the presentation into a book on Blurb to see how that might fly?

But right now I need a break!
As always I am plugged into my ipod and isolated in my own little geek world of computers, images and loud music. I just finished listening to;
“The The” the Infected album. After “the Clash” “The The” was one of the most meaningful bands to me…
This song and album came out in 1986, we the USA had yet to be in a conflict there, Libya was bombed about a month after the album came out and Iran & Iraq were at war, meanwhile the Soviets were in Afghanistan.

AND Iggy Pop, do you realize Iggy is 60!? A friend pointed that out to me the other day in China. Iggy’s first album came out in 68 and I was 3. I have never known radio without Iggy, period. He was there on my radio and albums through my Ponytails, Shaved Heads, Mohawks and back to Ponytails. I was saw the bands “the Damned”, “Joey Ramone”, “Sonic Youth”, “Sex Pistols” “Charged GBH” and “Hanoi Rocks” all do covers of Stooges songs (I miss Hanoi rocks, thanks to that horrible band Motley Crue and Vince Neil’s bad driving they are 😦 no more)
But here Iggy is teamed up with the Teddy Bears from this year and he still sounds great.


September 11, 2007

My coffee, my bed, waking up next to Christi, driving my own car and hearing more English than Chinese or Tibetan all seem foreign now.