King Hall Formal Portraits


5 days… All of the projects are almost to a close before leaving for China.

Today I sent the formal portraits from King Hall to the lab to be printed. King Hall is the last step in the transition from being homeless to being on their own again. All of these people are the success stories of Path of Life Ministries in Riverside. The portraits were shot in the common room at the transitional housing complex, which used to be the single officers quarters at the old March Air Force Base. These are some of my favorites there are many more.


One Response to “King Hall Formal Portraits”

  1. anuvuestudio Says:


    These turned out really great. To master portraiture is to be able to show a stranger some of the subject’s inner personality… and I can. I feel as if I’m in on a secret about them. I see the fun they had in the posing…the restless moving… the silliness in trying to look formal.

    And I have a perfect vision in my mind of you gently arranging a curl over a sweet, lovely little face.


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