16 days and counting…

10 working days & 16 total days until I will once again board a plane to China at 1:40 am from Los Angeles International to Beijing China, then on to Xining China, then by local transport to Zeku Tibet and beyond.
So much to do before 8/21-actually 8/20 because as is our custom Christi will take the day off from her work and I will have no trip prep tasks ahead of me so that we can hang out, do nothing, go for a long walk and eat my last meal of Mexican food until I return. Today I spent most of the day processing the RAW files from the homeless project and the King Hall formal portraits. I need to turn over the polished photos to the final edit staff, also I will be breaking the family portraits into sets as a gift to the families at the shelters. I also spent some time updating the desktop computer at our house, updates, patches, virus definitions etc. it never fails when I leave the country Christi will have problems with the home computer.
Major items on the agenda or as Christi puts it “the gear up to gear down”
1. Complete the Homeless Project
2. Complete a personal photo project from last week.
3. FINISH UPDATING my commercial website! photo444.com
**** Without a doubt all of you will see my new site before 8/21****
4. Pack (actually that is easy,, my list are long since memorized)
5. Clean & tune all my camera gear.
6. Triple check every cord, connector and plug… I will be teaching Photoshop & Illustrator in Tibet, so I need to be sure here.
Now that I actually write the list it seems small, so why does it seem so daunting in my head? Well besides all those work related issues that will come up.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the Homeless Shelter project, that I was working on today.
1. Francine 2. Francine, April & Spiderman (Jonathan) 3. Francine watching her portraits on screen.


2 Responses to “16 days and counting…”

  1. Esther Says:

    Hi- Can I ask how you first ended up going to Xining? I will be flying there at the beginning of Sept and have been seeking out other people who have gone there… to find out what their experiences have been like.

    Feel free to email me at esthermswaty@hotmail.com

  2. Damon Says:

    Hello, thanks for the comment on my blog. I am well impressed with your photography and words. Have a good time in China and hope to catch up with you on and off when you return. Sitting here scanning up slides for a job, wish i was digital!!! but i like slides. Will be late night but worth it i hope.

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