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T minus 0

August 21, 2007
  • Projects are wrapped up, website is running, cameras are packed, passport, tickets etc are ready to fly to China & Tibet.
  • I have flip flops in every bag seriously.
  • Thats it, Christi and I are heading dinner and then the airport.
  • If possible (BIG IF) I will update from the road.

I am out, see you in a while…


IT IS UP !!!!

August 18, 2007

It is up! As promised to Christi and the rest of the world I have finally put up a new website, with a new look, new images, a contact section and flash slide shows. All the bells and whistles expect the annoying music that so many people force you to enjoy (if I could hack computers, that would be my objective to correct the crappy music on people’s websites) the only Glitch! With the new site is that my domain registration service is down, at least I am unable to contact them… So I (no actually Justin, my geek friend and co-worker) created a redirect to the site. So until I get back from Tibet, you all will just have to live with whatever abritary address it says in the “url” and take solace in the promise that by mid September is will say so go check it out comment, complain and if you are one of my friends in Japan, China, Nepal or Africa please put the new site through its paces and let me know how it functions on the slower speeds etc.

So when I was selecting some of the images today, I kept noticing over and over again that because I  use only  short lenes to photograph with, most of my portraits are also my self portraits. I used this Amdo girl as an example. Notice I appear in both her eyes.


The white on her face is her makeup and sunscreen, they make it from Talcom & Yak butter, Since Tibetans traditional bathe only 3 times in lives, Birth – Marriage – Death, their makeup has a tendency to stick around although I think this little Amdo  girl might be due for a reapplication…

King Hall Formal Portraits

August 16, 2007


5 days… All of the projects are almost to a close before leaving for China.

Today I sent the formal portraits from King Hall to the lab to be printed. King Hall is the last step in the transition from being homeless to being on their own again. All of these people are the success stories of Path of Life Ministries in Riverside. The portraits were shot in the common room at the transitional housing complex, which used to be the single officers quarters at the old March Air Force Base. These are some of my favorites there are many more.

Video Doctumentary

August 14, 2007

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Amazing video documentaries by David S. Kessler. Check out the link to his work, every one of his videos is worth seeing. He has a great ability to capture the stories …

8 days …

August 13, 2007


16 days and counting…

August 5, 2007

10 working days & 16 total days until I will once again board a plane to China at 1:40 am from Los Angeles International to Beijing China, then on to Xining China, then by local transport to Zeku Tibet and beyond.
So much to do before 8/21-actually 8/20 because as is our custom Christi will take the day off from her work and I will have no trip prep tasks ahead of me so that we can hang out, do nothing, go for a long walk and eat my last meal of Mexican food until I return. Today I spent most of the day processing the RAW files from the homeless project and the King Hall formal portraits. I need to turn over the polished photos to the final edit staff, also I will be breaking the family portraits into sets as a gift to the families at the shelters. I also spent some time updating the desktop computer at our house, updates, patches, virus definitions etc. it never fails when I leave the country Christi will have problems with the home computer.
Major items on the agenda or as Christi puts it “the gear up to gear down”
1. Complete the Homeless Project
2. Complete a personal photo project from last week.
3. FINISH UPDATING my commercial website!
**** Without a doubt all of you will see my new site before 8/21****
4. Pack (actually that is easy,, my list are long since memorized)
5. Clean & tune all my camera gear.
6. Triple check every cord, connector and plug… I will be teaching Photoshop & Illustrator in Tibet, so I need to be sure here.
Now that I actually write the list it seems small, so why does it seem so daunting in my head? Well besides all those work related issues that will come up.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the Homeless Shelter project, that I was working on today.
1. Francine 2. Francine, April & Spiderman (Jonathan) 3. Francine watching her portraits on screen.

The Fish Sellers Wife

August 2, 2007

In 19 days I will be shopping at this market again in Xining China.