Desks / Music / PhotoShop…

If I am stuck at my desk (and that is a big IF, I hate desks).
My cell phone is on vibrate and is in my lap, clients, friends know they should only call my cell phone and the secretaries put all my calls straight through to my cell for two reasons
1. I am most likely not at my desk.
2. I generally am plugged into iTunes if I am at a desk so unless my cell vibrates I am going to ignore my land lines here and at home.
My current favorite station on itunes is Kink FM from Germany (it is under Alternative) one of the songs I like best right now is Endlich Ein Grund Zur Panik by Wir Sind Helden for the non-German speaking crowd that is Finally a reason to Panic by We Are Heros. It is written in protest of the “G8” conferences.

But at this moment I am editing a recent photo shoot. I need a certain rhythm to do endless hours of PhotoShop and no ambient sound, this is my current photo editing work set.


One Response to “Desks / Music / PhotoShop…”

  1. Dan Says:

    Sigur Ros has some great icelandic ambient rock.

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