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Niño y Perro — Arandas Mexico

June 27, 2007



Monastery — Golog Tibet

June 27, 2007


My camera intrigued this guy while I was taking photographs from the outside of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. After held my camera and took a few photographs of me with it, he invited us into the actual monastery to take more photos from the inside which is a very rare experience and an honor to do so. It turned out that he was actually quite important as he was the chief reader at the monastery. After we had toured all types of rooms and areas someone rarely gets to see, let alone take photographs them. He invited back to his small house on the monastery where he served us tea and bread while he looked at my photographs on the LCD on the camera, each time he finished a CF card I would change to the next as if he was using a “View-Master”


Zeku, Tibet Women

June 26, 2007

Tibet @ 12,700 feet, these women along with their tribes were in Zeku for the Summer Yak grazing lands last September. Shortly I will be there at the summer grazing lands again…

Brick Masons — Zeku Tibet

June 26, 2007



June 25, 2007

These are 2 of the orphans in Nextipac Mexico.

Tequila Mexico

June 25, 2007


Colonia Resident Mexico

June 24, 2007


Guadalajara Mexico — Randoms

June 21, 2007


About Time!

June 20, 2007

This one will not be missed, 12 years I waited. Finally a real movie again. That and the release of the White Stripes new album Icky Thump
yesterday, make this a pretty good June.

བོད་ / 西藏 / Tibet

June 20, 2007