Sports Art

Ok so the above photos represent my commission to photograph a sporting event. The truth about me and sports photography I make a terrible – no an atrocious sports photographer. I don’t pay attention, if you have ever been to a sporting event with me you know this, I will always be looking the wrong way, I know nothing about sports. Someone once bet me that I could not name 10 NFL teams, I was quite proud of my list until my friend Chad pointed out I named 2 baseball teams and a hockey team in my list. I played 4 years of football and I know exactly the same amount about football as I did going into it “nothing”. I played football because it seemed like the right thing to do. Also my freshman year I was 6 foot 185 lb. I went to Rim of the World High School in Lake Arrowhead and between 1980 – 1984 there were not that many 6 foot 185 lb. people, besides my graduating class was 125 people so the odds were good that I would play.
Sports in my life are Road Cycling and Mountain Climbing, 10,000’s + miles on a bike, 100,000’s + feet in elevation gain wearing heavy packs, carrying ice axes on ice covered mountains in blizzards, hypothermia, bleeding etc. those are fun sports and besides they have the one crucial element I typically seek… solitude.

So that being said these photos are the type I normally take just telling the human story through their emotions and my solitude, silent lens.patty-gym-37.jpgpatty-gym-10.jpgpatty-gym-45.jpgpatty-gym-72.jpgpatty-gym-73.jpg
these last 2, could so be part of Napoleon Dynamite or Little Miss Sunshine


One Response to “Sports Art”

  1. micah Says:

    third one down is my favourite.
    and you are right about the last two. 🙂

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