Everyday I read the newspapers from 6 countries online as part of my morning coffee ritual. I read the accounts of atrocities, wars, hunger & suffering worldwide.
But yet recently I can not look at a U.S. paper, turn on a radio news program or have a conversation with someone without the topics of traffic nightmares (self imposed), Anna Nicole Smith (I am sure I am not Danilynn’s father!)
and now the horror of all horrors PET FOOD RECALLS!
What is our problem? Although Christi and I have no pets currently, my dogs and cat have eaten toilet paper, yarn, shoes, cellophane, plastic bottles, dead squirrels, rabbits, birds, assorted road kill, tires, a check for $175.87, a text book & homework (for real), vomit, the railing on our stairs and tons of POOP theirs and random surprises from others.
Americans spent $11,000,000,000 dollars on pet food last year, PetSmart reports its 3rd quarter 2006 earnings are up by 38.1 million.
Meanwhile back at the reality ranch in our own country we have 38 million people that are considered “Food Insecure” that is our fancy sterile word for going hungry in the 13 million families that earn less than $10,300 a year (that is a full-time job at the National Minimum Wage rate of $5.15 an hour).
World wide 854 million people are going hungry. Everyday 16,000 children will die of Hunger related causes. That is 1 dead kid every 5 seconds.
So the FDA reports “since” the announcement of the recall for pet food with tainted wheat gluten there have been 12,000 complaints; twice the normal yearly rate and 16 pet deaths “possibly” attributed to the chemical in the food and?

Bottom line, Jim’s statistical analysis comparison:
1 child dies from no food every 5 seconds
1 pet dies from bad food every 547.5 hours
All dogs will eat poop forever
854 million people will not eat shit today…


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  1. Jonny Ri Says:

    Little more consumerism to lighten your day:

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