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Ghosts from the conflicts

March 29, 2007

Or something along that line was what this theatrical group called themselves, they part of the war protest march a couple weeks back.


Equipment Check

March 29, 2007

Prepping my cameras to go on a “ride along” with brother who is a Laguna Beach PD officer. Also not shown is the other 30 lbs. of gear, laptop, etc.gear.jpg

Protest LA

March 23, 2007


Angel in Brea

March 21, 2007


War Protest Los Angeles

March 19, 2007


On Saturday March 17th there was a war protest in Downtown LA to coincide with protests around the nation and world marking the anniversary of the USA in Iraq. Before the start of the march one of the protest organizers made a long drawn out speech about the USA directing an illegal occupation of Iraq and then said one the most uneducated things I heard spoken that day “the USA is the most free nation on earth and WE should should begin to act that way”…
Everyone then cheered, I could not help to realize that none of of these people get it. In order to be free you have to earn that freedom with strength and given enough time Baghdad may become as metropolitan as Tel Aviv?

Geometry & Sun Light

March 16, 2007


Joshua Tree CA

March 16, 2007

Sunsets, Twilights & Christi


Ode to Andy Warhol

March 13, 2007


Normally I do not care for his art, but some of his photos were great. He had one of hangers in a closet. He had an entirely different reason for shooting items in a “closet” but I have always liked that shot.

Somewhere in Mexico

March 13, 2007

I just recently rediscovered these images but I made no notations of the locations. I think the girl is the cafe cashier for the Hotel Nueva Galicia in Gaudalajara. I only took this single photo of her, the same goes for the statue and I have no clue where that is.

Christi’s got a new look

March 4, 2007

Christi sporting her new reading glasses, in BLUE of course and as a bonus they are the Sophia Loren collection, so Blue and Sophia to Christi that is a win win.