Back to the start

This week I have pondered a lot about which direction I actually want to take this photography career…

The easy VERY profitable route?

The art route? Few people will ever be like John Sexton, Fan Ho or Nick Brandt. Besides a 30 second exposure followed by 4 weeks of post-production for a single print is not really my style. In my world 30 seconds @ a shutter speed of 1/125 is an eternity.

So where does my heart & passion really exist?

I will have to say in that the one place I am happy and at peace, telling the stories in the places where most are not happy, comfortable & not at peace.

I would to emulate the masters of story telling that I do admire James Nachtwey, Robert Capa, Sara Terry & Fazal Sheikh.

Next week I will be in Mexico with the Grove going back to the start…

Oh and Yes that is the Clash…


One Response to “Back to the start”

  1. Dan Says:

    Can’t wait for your pics from Mexico. Long live the Clash! I’ll eat some crab cakes in New Orleans for you…ha,ha

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